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euRobotics Topic Group "Robotics for Sustainability" formally set up

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

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With the support of 16 euRobotics members, the Topic Group could be formally established. As next steps, the Topic Group will start working on the first activities and prepare a kick-off meeting.

Planned activities

Initial activities include discussions and active participation in defining relevant aspects of Sustainability and Environmental aspects and what is the role of robotics in achieving them

In the long run, the Topic Group will create use cases and collect challenges around robotics and sustainability. The Topic Group also plans to be represented at the European Robotics Forum by organising workshops. Finally, we hope to contribute to the RoadMap for the EU Commission.

euRobotics supporting members

  • Franziska Kirstein, Blue Ocean Robotics

  • Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, ProFactor GmbH

  • Ole Madsen, Aalborg University

  • Maria Pateraki, ICCS, NTUA

  • Jesus Pablo, EURECAT

  • Amit Kumar Pandey, Socients AI and Robotics (Socially Intelligent Robotics TG)

  • Alfio Minissale, COMAU

  • Ana-Maria Stancu, Bucharest Promo Robots

  • Fausto Ferreira, University of Zagreb

  • Christophe Leroux, CEA

  • Markus Vincze, TU Vienna

  • George Michalos, LMS

  • Geoff Pegman, R U Robots

  • Francesco Maurelli, Jacobs University Bremen

  • Patrick Courtney, King's College London

  • Salle, Damien, Tecnalia

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