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WHY Robotics for Sustainability?

Sustainability is a broad concept with the semantic meaning referring to the ability to continue over a long period of time. As such, sustainability can be represented in various areas. Up to now, there is a lack of understanding and definition on the aspects of sustainability in robotics and the role of robotics to drive sustainability. ​

Robots show a high potential to aid sustainability. They can support sustainability across different sectors e.g., fighting climate change, helping to recycle, decreasing waste in manufacturing, reducing the use of chemicals in farming as well as in social applications.​ At the same time, the demand for robotics is increasing rapidly and the sustainable production and the future disposable of robots has not been sufficiently addressed yet. Robots themselves are challenging to design, develop, manufacture, and integrate in daily workflows. Addressing sustainability in this process seems to be an overwhelming task.​ The assessment of progress towards sustainability is unavoidable in the long term, especially to prevent the use of robots outbalancing their positive impact. It is up to the robotics community to shape their role on how to help address sustainability and strive for a positive impact only. 


Sustainability for Robotics is organised by the euRobotics Topic Group “Robotics for Sustainability”. The goal of this platform is to create a community that connects, informs and inspires industry, academia, end-users and beyond about robotics and sustainability.

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