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Call for participation in article collection “Robotic Applications for a Sustainable Future”

Manuscript submission is now open for a new article collection we are co-editing on “Robotic Applications for a Sustainable Future” with Frontiers in Robotics and AI.

The use of robotics is increasing around the world and soon every household might have at least one robot in use. Robots can support sustainability across all sectors (e.g., fighting climate change, helping to recycle, decreasing waste in manufacturing, reducing the use of chemicals in farming, etc.). Additionally, robots have skills such as strength, precision and sensing often surpassing those of humans. Combining the physical endurance of the robots with the cognitive flexibility of humans in a collaborative fashion is advantageous in different applications that enable sustainability and support environmental aspects. Are robotics really able to solve the challenges related to sustainability? Are robots the solution or a problem on their own to sustainability?

Are you working on robotic applications that deal with sustainability? Does your application/technology help sustainability? Do you have new ideas to push robotics/ its applications to aid sustainability? Then this special issue should be the place you should send in your work!


The focus of this Research Topic is on the application of robotics to sustainability and clarify the role of robotic applications in solving them. We encourage ongoing applications and case studies where robotic applications have successfully progressed in creating a difference. The goal of this Research Topic is to develop robotic applications, capture new and emerging robot theories, technologies and challenges, promote discussion of sustainability and environmental aspects, and to foster innovation and collaboration among all interested parties.

Sustainability itself concerns three dimensions: the economic, social and the environmental. Integration of the economic, social and environmental dimensions is key to achieving sustainable development. There is, in general, widespread acceptance of why the integration of these three dimensions is necessary; but there are also many questions as to “how” this integration is to be achieved. This Research Topic aims to encourage such efforts/publications/works of integrating these (at least two of the three) dimensions for sustainability.


Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to application of robotics for sustainability in:

● Manufacturing

● Agriculture

● Marine

● Service Robotics

● Aerospace

● Green Energy

● Healthcare

● Construction

● Other application areas


Abstract Submission Deadline January 31st, 2023

Manuscript Submission Deadline March 31st, 2023

The Editorial Team

Franziska Kirstein

Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi

Fausto Ferreira

Amit Kumar Pandey

Fiachra O’Brolcháin



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