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Workshop on Social Robots: the duality of sustainability and societal applications at ERF 2022

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

In conjunction with the European Robotics Forum 2022, 28th – 30th June 2022, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The workshop is held on the 29th of June at 09:50 CET during the ERF 2022, see ERF 2022 Programme for more details

This workshop is conducted within the Sustainability TG and the Socially Intelligent Robots and Societal Applications TG of EURobotics.

Aim and Scope

With the quest to explore the unexplored, this workshop is a collaborative effort by two Topic Groups: 1. Socially Intelligent Robots & Societal Applications, 2. Sustainability & Environmental Aspects.

We aim to establish an important connection of the duality of Social Robots’ Applications and Sustainability. The beauty lies in the objective to investigate the two sides of the coin and their interdependency: Sustainable Societal Applications AND Societal Applications for Sustainability. Social robots still face barriers for long-term real-world sustainable deployment. On the other hand, advancements in Robotics & AI can be part of innovative solutions to various societal needs, e.g. sustainability in personalized healthcare, education, equality, development. The workshop aims to provide a platform to brainstorm, produce a roadmap and create awareness of this duality through stakeholders engagement.

The main ambition of the workshop is to identify and create interest groups, and foster discussion to collect valuable insights and feedback, and also provide opportunities for creating awareness about various efforts, towards the objective identified in the motivation section. Therefore, the agenda is designed to balance the time division necessary to accommodate talks from various stakeholders, create the ground for discussion, open the floor for brainstorming and to collect feedback for roadmapping through audience engagement.

To set the ground, selected experts and panellists (from industry, academics, end users, policy makers) will be invited for short presentations to provide insiders perspectives and position statements. The questions will be provided to the panellists and speakers in advance according to the group and theme they will be involved in. This will avoid having general talks from the speakers, but to the points and focused presentations. Also to better capture the requirements, barriers, potentials and policies at EU level, the invited experts are from different regions?




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